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An intermediate/advanced look at how to use Angular JS in conjunction with a server-side.

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This repository covers material in 2 screencasts, * End to End with Angular JS * Security with Angular JS

This is an extension of my screencast Intro to Angular JS that focuses more on intermediate/advanced topics and walks through creating a working web application on top of the Laravel 4 Web Application Framework.

Things you can expect to learn from End to End with Angular JS:

  • $http
  • $rootScope
  • taking the AuthenticationService we built earlier end-to-end
  • creating a FlashService for displaying alerts to users
  • access control for client-side routes with $rootScope and $routeProvider
  • $httpProvider.responseInterceptors and logging out users automatically if serverside sessions expire
  • $routeProvider.resolve property and making view rendering data dependent
  • laravel 4 migrations, controllers, models, and authentication

Things you can expect to learn from Security with Angular JS:

  • 3 common-sense ways to secure your web application
  • angular.constant
  • ng-init
  • ng-sanitize
  • Laravel CSRF support, route filters, and built in protection


Prerequisite Installation Instructions:

Installing PHP 5.4 and MCrypt is the most tedious part of getting up and running with this example, but Laravel 4 is so nice that I think it's worth it. Here's the basic instructions for getting up on Mac OS X:

  1. Install Homebrew
  2. Make sure you correct any problems that
    brew doctor
  3. Install Laravel 4
  4. Tap the PHP keg from @josegonzalez:
    brew tap josegonzalez/php
  5. Install PHP 5.4
    brew install php55
  6. Install MCrypt
    brew install php55-mcrypt
    (this will automatically link the binary into the php.ini for you)
  7. Install Composer
    brew install composer
    (think of it like homebrew, or npm, or apt-get, but for PHP modules)

App Installation Instructions:

  1. clone this repo:
    git clone
  2. install composer dependencies
    composer install
  3. create a database called
  4. create your unique security key
    php artisan key:generate
  5. run database migrations
    php artisan migrate
  6. seed the database
    php artisan db:seed
  7. run the app
    php artisan serve
  8. browse to
    and log in with email
    [email protected]
    and password

Once you have the app up and running you can visit

and you will see the Login Form.

If you liked this code and screencast you should follow me on twitter: @dmosher

Happy Coding! :)

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