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UAlbertaBot - StarCraft AI Competition Bot - David Churchill ([email protected])

Update: Feb 28, 2020 - UAlbertaBot now uses VS2019 - UAlbertaBot now uses BWAPI 4.4.0. To get it to compile, you have to compile BWAPI.lib and BWAPIClient.lib with VS2019 and put them in the BWAPIINSTALLDIR/lib/ folder - UAlbertaBot no longer uses BWTA - it is replaced with the custom BaseLocationManager from CommandCenter - UAlbertaBot now uses the Client .exe compilation method instead of module DLL - The bot will only work for the first game played after the .exe is run, so AUTO_RESTART won't work well. I'll fix this later - You can download StarCraft 1.16.1 here:

Please check out the Wiki for full instructions and documentation!

NOTE: If you're looking for a StarCraft II bot please check out CommandCenter

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