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Note: This project is under development. It is not yet ready for production use.


DataHub is an experimental hosted platform (GitHub-like) for organizing, managing, sharing, collaborating, and making sense of data. It provides an efficient platform and easy to use tools/interfaces for:

  • Publishing of your own data (hosting, sharing, collaboration)
  • Using other’s data (querying, linking)
  • Making sense of data (analysis, visualization)

Get Started

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Vagrant is the recommend method for developing with DataHub. It provides a VM matching the DataHub production server, regardless of your host system.

  1. Install VirtualBox

  2. Install Vagrant

  3. Clone DataHub:

    $ git clone
  4. Add this line to your hosts file (/etc/hosts on most systems):

  5. From your clone, start the VM:

    $ vagrant up

This last step might take several minutes depending on your connection and computer.


vagrant up
finishes, you can find your environment running at

Vagrant keeps your working copy and the VM in sync, so edits you make to DataHub's code will be reflected on Changes to static files like CSS, JS, and documentation must be collected before the server will notice them. For more information, see the docs at

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