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data⎰describe: Pythonic EDA Accelerator for Data Science

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data ⎰ describe

data-describe is a Python toolkit for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). It aims to accelerate data exploration and analysis by providing automated and polished analysis widgets.

For more examples of data-describe in action, see the Quick Start Tutorial.

Main Features

data-describe implements the following basic features:

| Feature | Description | | ----------- | ----------- | | Data Summary | Curated data summary | | Data Heatmap | Data variation and missingness heatmap | | Correlation Matrix | Correlation heatmaps with categorical support | | Distribution Plots | Generate histograms, violin plots, bar charts | | Scatterplots | Generate scatterplots and evaluate with scatterplot diagnostics | | Cluster Analysis | Automated clustering and plotting | | Feature Ranking | Evaluate feature importance using tree models |

Extended Features

data-describe is always looking to elevate the standard for Exploratory Data Analysis. Here are just a few that are implemented:

  • Dimensionality Reduction Methods
  • Sensitive Data (PII) Redaction
  • Text Pre-processing / Topic Modeling
  • Big Data Support


data-describe can be installed using pip:

pip install data-describe

Getting Started

import data_describe as dd

See the User Guide for more information.

Project Status

data-describe is currently in beta status.


data-describe welcomes contributions from the community.

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