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Docker images for dask

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Dask docker images

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Docker images for dask-distributed.

  1. Base image to use for dask scheduler and workers
  2. Jupyter Notebook image to use as helper entrypoint

This images are built primarily for the Dask Helm Chart but they should work for more use cases.

How to use / test

A helper docker-compose file is provided to test functionality.

docker-compose up

Open the notebook using the URL that is printed by the output so it has the token.

On a new notebook run:

from dask.distributed import Client
client = Client('scheduler:8786')

It should output something like this:

{'tcp://': 4}

Building images

Docker compose provides an easy way to building all the images with the right context

docker-compose build

Just build one image e.g. notebook

docker-compose build notebook


Building and releasing new image versions is done automatically via Travis CI. When new commits are pushed to the

branch images are built with the
tag and pushed to Docker Hub.

When a new version of Dask is released a PR should be raised to bump the versions in the

s and then once that has been merged a new tag matching the Dask version should be pushed. Travis will then build the images and push them with version tags and update
$ git commit --allow-empty -a -m "bump version to x.x.x"
$ git tag -a x.x.x -m 'Version x.x.x'
$ git push upstream main --tags

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