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Demo of a restartable back-end in the REPL + hot-reloadable front-end in the browser.

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Well, on second thought, let's not go to Camelot -- it is a silly place. — King Arthur


** What is it?

This demonstrates the holy grail workflow for web development the way I envision it: an auto-restartable back-end in the REPL + a hot-reloadable front-end in the browser.

This workflow is built on top of [[http://boot-clj.com/][Boot]], a build tool, and [[https://github.com/danielsz/system/tree/master/examples/boot][system]], a component library.

** Installation Clone this repo, cd into it and start the development pipeline build.

+BEGIN_SRC shell

$ git clone [email protected]:danielsz/holygrail.git $ cd holygrail $ boot dev


** Principle of operation Compose a build pipeline:

+BEGIN_SRC clojure

(deftask dev "Run a restartable system in the Repl" )


Start it:

+BEGIN_SRC shell

$ boot dev


The headless REPL advertises its coordinates.

+BEGIN_SRC shell

nREPL server started on port 49722 on host - nrepl://


You can connect to it if you plan to do development in the REPL (~M-x cider-connect~ in Emacs works great).

Your web app is started and listening at [[http://localhost:3000]].

The ~auto~ option in the ~system~ boot task takes care of your application lifecycle. Your system will automatically be reset after editing ~handler.clj~. Changes elsewhere that do not require a system restart will be reloaded on the fly everytime you save your work.

Note: The ~build.boot~ in this repo already contains those options.

** Demo

A demo video that tries to demonstrate how developing for the web can be a liberating and seamless experience.

+HTML: Holy Grail demo

Do you feel the creative juices flow? Are you ready for endless hours of sheer creative output?

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