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Bayesian Networks in Scala

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Bayesian Networks in Scala

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It is a Scala library for Bayesian Networks and Probabilistic Graphical Models. It allows for defining Baysian models and performing Bayesian inference in a number of ways:

  • [DSL] - This is a high level api for defining Bayesian Networks.
  • [Factor graph] - It supports discrete and continuous variables. Inference is performed with Expectation Propagation.
  • [Factor graph 2] - Different (newer) implemenation of factor graph.
  • [Cluster graph] - Supports discrete variables only.

The [bayes-scala-gp] library for Gaussian Processes is built on top of bayes-scala.

Links * [Some code examples for moment matching, linear gaussian, linear dynamical systems, EP, etc.] * Can you please clarify for us: what is the future of bayes-scala?

How to use it from sbt and maven?

Release version

SBT configuration:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.danielkorzekwa" %% "bayes-scala" % "0.6"  

Maven configuration:


Snapshot version

Snapshot artifact is built by a Travis CI and deployed to Sonatype OSS Snapshots repository with every commit to Bayes-scala project.

With sbt build tool, add to build.sbt config file:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.danielkorzekwa" %% "bayes-scala" % "0.7-SNAPSHOT"  

resolvers += Resolver.sonatypeRepo("snapshots")

With maven build tool, add to pom.xml config file:



[DSL]: [Factor graph]: [Factor graph 2]: [Cluster graph]: [Some code examples for moment matching, linear gaussian, linear dynamical systems, EP, etc.]: [Low level algorithms]: [bayes-scala-gp]:

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