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Quick tool to explain the right place to enable your privacy settings

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Quick category to explain the right place to enable your privacy settings


DBPrivacyHelper is a simple UIViewController category and it has a simple integration:

  • Import UIViewController+DBPrivacyHelper.h
  • Open the modal using a simple method:
- (void) openHelper {
    [self showPrivacyHelperForType:DBPrivacyTypeLocation];
  • Use the other method to customize the controller or the action blocks:
- (void) openHelperToCustomize {
    [self showPrivacyHelperForType:DBPrivacyTypeLocation controller:^(DBPrivateHelperController *vc) {
        //customize the view controller to present
    } didPresent:^{
        //customize the completion block of presentViewController:animated:completion:
    } didDismiss:^{
        //customize the completion block of dismissViewControllerAnimated:completion:
    } useDefaultSettingPane:YES];


is set to YES, DBPrivacyHelper opens the default setting pane in iOS 8. Set NO if you want to see the
with all iOS.

Privacy settings types: - DBPrivacyTypePhoto - DBPrivacyTypeCamera - DBPrivacyTypeLocation - DBPrivacyTypeHealth - DBPrivacyTypeHomeKit - DBPrivacyTypeMotionActivity - DBPrivacyTypeContacts - DBPrivacyTypeNotifications - DBPrivacyTypeReminders - DBPrivacyTypeCalendars - DBPrivacyTypeMicrophone - DBPrivacyTypeTwitter - DBPrivacyTypeFacebook

iOS Target




Created by:

Daniele Bogo

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