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Trigger confetti explosions on state transitions

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Trigger confetti explosions on state transitions:

import Confetti from 'react-dom-confetti';

// in render

This component will trigger a confetti explosion every time the prop

goes from a falsy to truthy value.



Slow operations annoy users and stakeholders. We have two options, either optimize slow operations or make it worth the wait. This library focuses on the latter.



Required. Triggers an explosion when the prop transitions from falsy to truthy.


Optional. Configuration object to control the characteristics of the confetti:

  • angle
    - direction of the explosion in degrees, defaults to 90.
  • spread
    - spread of the explosion in degrees, defaults to 45.
  • startVelocity
    - Initial velocity of the particles, defaults to 45.
  • width
    : - width of the confetti elements
  • height
    : - height of the confetti elements
  • elementCount
    - Number of particle elements, defaults to 50.
  • decay
    - deprecated - Decrease in velocity per frame, defaults to 0.9 (Use of this will disable dragFriction)
  • dragFriction
    - Decrease in velocity proportional to current velocity, default to 0.1
  • delay
    - deprecated Use stagger instead.
  • stagger
    - Delay for each fetti in milliseconds, defaults to 0.
  • random
    - Randomization function, defaults to Math.random
  • colors
    - An array of color codes, defaults to
    ['#a864fd', '#29cdff', '#78ff44', '#ff718d' '#fdff6a']

License MIT, copyright Daniel Lundin 2017

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