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A quick, painless, Javascript-free baseline overlay.

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Get a baseline grid overlay on your site in one painless, javascript-free step.

Here's an example demonstrating how to get a 24px baseline overlay on your site:

Easy, huh?

Further Examples:

Specify a 6 digit hex code:

Specify separate RGB values:

Specify 50% alpha using RGBA:

Image Only Mode

You can use Baseline to grab the image on it's own, if you'd rather apply it as a background in your own stylesheet.

Simple example:

html {
  background-image: url(; /* 24px baseline */
  background-image: url(; /* with Hex colour */
  background-image: url(; /* with RGB colour */
  background-image: url(; /* with RGBA colour */


Just add this as a bookmark:


This will add the default grid according to your body line-height (using


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