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Examples and exercises for Practices of the Python Pro from Manning Books 🐍📘

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Exercises for Practices of the Python Pro 🐍📘

Practices of the Python Pro, a Manning book by Dane Hillard

This repository contains the source code for the examples and exercises contained in Practices of the Python Pro. The repository is a template repository, so if you'd like to follow along with the book you can make your own copy.

Each chapter's examples are in their own directory. In some chapters, you'll find multiple snippets in a single module. These won't always produce output when you run them, and are occasionally meant only as snippets to demonstrate a concept. In later chapters, some modules act as an entrypoint to run a program from the command line, importing other modules along the way. Follow along in the book for more context!

Errata and questions

If you find an error in the code or the book, or if you have a question about the content, please read the contribution guidelines to understand the best course of action. The errata are published on the book's homepage.

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