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PHP class to send pageViews or Events to Google Analytics without the need of javascript.

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Server Side Google Analytics (SSGA) is a simple PHP 5 class, which allows to track server-side events and data within Google Analytics.

Drop-in solution for WordPress plugins (uses the WP HTTP API if available).


Google Analytics Server Side can be used simply in the following manner:


ssga_track( 'UA-YOUR_NUMBER', '', '/page.php' )


//create new ssga object
include 'lib/ss-ga.class.php';
$ssga = new ssga( 'UA-YOUR_NUMBER', '' );

//Set a pageview $ssga->set_page( '/page.php' ); $ssga->set_page_title( 'Page Title' );

// Send $ssga->send(); $ssga->reset();

Set an event (based on

//$ssga as created above
$ssga->set_event( 'Feed', 'Categories', $label, $value );

Ecommerce tracking (update and test by @nczz)

$ssga_step1 = new ssga( 'UA-12345678-1','' );
//$transaction_id, $affiliation, $total, $tax, $shipping, $city, $region, $country
$ssga_step1->send_transaction("20159527001", "MXP", 280, 0, 80,"Taiwan", "", "TW");

$ssga_step2 = new ssga( 'UA-12345678-1','' ); //$transaction_id, $sku, $product_name, $variation, $unit_price, $quantity $ssga_step2->send_item("20159527001", "1229001", "TEST-PRODUCT", "", 50, 4);

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