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A taggable image board written in Rails 6.

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Clone this repository and run

to start a basic Danbooru instance:
git clone
cd danbooru

This will install Docker Compose and use it to start Danbooru. This will take several minutes and produce lots of output. When it's done, Danbooru will be running at http://localhost.

Alternatively, if you already have Docker Compose installed, you can just do:

docker-compose -f config/docker/docker-compose.simple.yaml up


It is recommended that you install Danbooru on a Debian-based system since most of the required packages are available on APT. Danbooru has been successfully installed on Fedora, CentOS, FreeBSD, and OS X. The INSTALL.debian install script is straightforward and should be simple to adapt for other platforms.

For best performance, you will need at least 256MB of RAM for PostgreSQL and Rails. The memory requirement will grow as your database gets bigger.

On production Danbooru uses PostgreSQL 9.4, but any 9.x release should work.

Use your operating system's package management system whenever possible. This will simplify the process of installing init scripts, which will not always happen when compiling from source.


These instructions won't work for everyone. If your setup is not working, here are the steps I usually recommend to people:

1) Test the database. Make sure you can connect to it using psql. Make sure the tables exist. If this fails, you need to work on correctly installing PostgreSQL, importing the initial schema, and running the migrations.

2) Test the Rails database connection by using rails console. Run Post.count to make sure Rails can connect to the database. If this fails, you need to make sure your Danbooru configuration files are correct.

3) Test Nginx to make sure it's working correctly. You may need to debug your Nginx configuration file.

4) Check all log files.


Danbooru employs numerous external services to delegate some functionality.

For development purposes, you can just run mocked version of these services. They're available in

and can be started automatically using Foreman and the provided Procfile.

Amazon Web Services

In order to enable the following features, you will need an AWS SQS account:

  • Pool versions
  • Post versions
  • IQDB
  • Saved searches
  • Related tags

Google APIs

The following features requires a Google API account:

  • Bulk revert
  • Post versions report

IQDB Service

IQDB integration is delegated to the IQDBS service.

Archive Service

In order to access versioned data for pools and posts you will need to install and configure the Archives service.

Reportbooru Service

The following features are delegated to the Reportbooru service:

  • Related tags
  • Missed searches report
  • Popular searches report
  • Favorite searches
  • Upload trend graphs

Recommender Service

Post recommendations require the Recommender service.

Cropped Thumbnails

There's optional support for cropped thumbnails. This relies on installing

or higher and setting
to true.

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