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Android Swipe Layout Build Status


This is the brother of AndroidViewHover.

One year ago, I started to make an app named EverMemo with my good friends. The designer gave me a design picture, the design like this:

I found it was pretty hard to achieve this effect, cause you had to be very familiar with the Android Touch System. It was beyond my ability that moment, and I also noticed that there was no such a concept library...

Time passed, you see right now.


Download Demo

Before I made this, I actually found some libraries (eg.SwipeListView) that helps developers to integrate swiping with your UI component.

But it only works in


, and it has too many issues that they never care. What a pity!

When I start to make this library, I set some goals:

  • Can be easily integrated in anywhere, ListView, GridView, ViewGroup etc.
  • Can receive
  • Can notifiy the hidden children how much they have shown.
  • Can be nested each other.
  • Can handle complicate situation, just like this.


Step 1


dependencies { compile '' compile '' compile "com.daimajia.swipelayout:library:[email protected]" }





Step 2

Make sure to use the internal adapter instead of your own!

Wiki Usage


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About me

A student in mainland China.

Welcome to offer me an internship. If you have any new idea about this project, feel free to contact me. :smiley:

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