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Custom InputManager for Unity

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InputManager is a custom input manager for Unity that allows you to rebind keys at runtime and abstract input devices for cross platform input.


  • Very simple to implement. It has the same public methods and variables as Unity's Input class.
  • Allows you to customize key bindings at runtime.
  • Allows you to use XInput for better controller support.
  • Allows you to convert touch input to axes and buttons on mobile devices.
  • Allows you to bind script methods to various input events(e.g. when the user presses a button or key) through the inspector.
  • Run up to four input configurations at the same time for easy local co-op input handling.
  • Save the key bindings to a file, to PlayerPrefs or anywhere else by implementing a simple interface.
  • Seamless transition from keyboard to gamepad with multiple bindings per input action.
  • Standardized gamepad input. Gamepad profiles map various controllers to a standard set of buttons and axes.


Compatible with Windows Desktop, Windows Store, Linux, Mac OSX and Android(not tested on iOS but it probably works). Requires the latest version of Unity.

Getting Started

For detailed information on how to get started with this plugin visit the Wiki or watch the video tutorial linked below.

Unity - Custom Input Manager Setup Tutorial



This addon allows you to use XInput for controller support instead of the Unity input system. Only available on Windows platforms.

UI Input Module

Custom standalone input module for the UI system introduced in Unity 4.6.

Input Events

This addon allows you to bind script methods to various input events(e.g. when the user presses a button or key) through the inspector.

For more information about the addons visit the Wiki.


This software is released under the MIT license. You can find a copy of the license in the LICENSE file included in the InputManager source distribution.


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