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It's a simple and direct organization chart plugin. Anytime you want a tree-like chart, you can turn to OrgChart.

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  • First of all, thanks a lot for wesnolte's great work:blush: -- jOrgChart. The thought that using nested tables to build out the tree-like orgonization chart is amazing. This idea is more simple and direct than its counterparts based on svg
  • Unfortunately, it's long time not to see the update of jOrgChart. on the other hand, I got some interesting ideas to add, so I choose to create a new repo.


  • For now, just static organization chart


npm install vue-organization-chart -S




Name Type Required Default Description
datasource json yes datasource usded to build out structure of orgchart. It could be a json object.
pan boolean no false Users could pan the orgchart by mouse drag&drop if they enable this attribute.
zoom boolean no false Users could zoomin/zoomout the orgchart by mouse wheel if they enable this attribute.
zoomin-limit number no 7 Users are allowed to set a zoom-in limit.
zoomout-limit number no 0.5 Users are allowed to set a zoom-out limit.


Name Parameters Description
node-click node data triggers when user clicks the node.

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