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Beautiful Jekyll is an open source static site generator that makes creating and managing websites simpler than ever before. Beautiful Jekyll is built upon the popular Jekyll framework, making it the ideal tool for building blogs on GitHub Pages. Beautiful Jekyll aims to be user-friendly with intuitive controls designed for easy operation; one key advantage being its integration with GitHub Pages. Beautiful Jekyll allows you to host your website directly on GitHub, with automatic updates when making code modifications. Beautiful Jekyll makes it possible for users to easily build any type of website they need – blogs, portfolios or ecommerce stores are just a few examples! WordPress or Ghost content management systems make managing and updating content simple, while adding features such as comments or forms with ease. Beautiful Jekyll also makes deployment simple across a range of hosting providers. Your site can easily be deployed onto a web server or hosted with Heroku for cloud deployment, using either of their command line tools to deploy to various hosting providers or using one of Heroku’s dedicated cloud deployment options. Heroku even integrates seamlessly with GitHub Pages for seamless hosting and collaboration as well as offering various plugins and customization features so your site fits your individual needs seamlessly.