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AirPlay from Google Chrome - send YouTube, Vimeo and (almost) any HTML5 video to AppleTV via AirPlay

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Google Chrome extension - send YouTube, Vimeo and (almost) any HTML5 video to AppleTV via AirPlay

ChromePlay logo


1.4 Refreshed options page

v1.3 Bugfixes

v1.2 New features: + YouTube AirPlay (click/right-click) + Vimeo AirPlay (right-click) + HTML5 video AirPlay (right-click)



  • Click the extension icon while watching a video on to send it to your AppleTV

ChromePlay YouTube click

  • Right click a link and select "AirPlay it!" to send it to your AppleTV

ChromePlay YouTube right-click

Vimeo & HTML5 videos

  • Press Start & Pause in HTML5 player, right-click on the player and select "AirPlay it!" to send it to your AppleTV

ChromePlay HTML5 right-click


  • Q: Isn't YouTube already ON AppleTV?
  • A: Yes, but with this extension you can instantly send a video to AppleTV while browsing on your computer. There's no need to search for it on your AppleTV/iPhone/iPad.

  • Q: I click the icon but nothing happens.

  • A: Make sure your AppleTV hostname is configured properly on the Options page

    • Look at Settings->General->Name of your AppleTV.
    • Replace spaces with dashes (-)
    • add .local suffix
    • e.g. if your AppleTV is named "Office Apple TV" then the hostname will be: Office-Apple-TV.local
  • Q: I can't see ChromePlay icon in my URL bar anymore.

  • A: With Chrome 48 all extension icons have been moved to the right of the url bar. If you have hidden ChromePlay icon using "Hide in Chrome menu" you will find it under the hamburger menu on the very right.


Clone the repository (preferred) or extract the zip file from here. Install it by clicking "Load unpacked extension..." on Chrome Extensions page and point it to the extracted folder.

ChromePlay installation


To update the extension you can use Git pull or overwrite files (if extracted from .zip). I'm planning to create a package as well when it's stable enough.


  • Best quality YouTube MP4 video is chosen automatically
  • HTML5 right-click AirPlaying supports only MP4 video format
  • You can change default AppleTV hostname on the Options page
  • Google Chrome has to be running while watching video but the actual streaming is done exclusively by AppleTV. There's no need to keep the video page open.
  • Tested with Google Chrome 48 on OSX 10.11 El Capitan and Google Chrome 32 stable on Windows 7 x64.

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