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AUProximity is an open source proximity voice chat platform, primarily aimed at Among Us.

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AUProximity is an open source proximity voice chat platform, primarily aimed at Among Us.

I have an open instance hosted on Heroku.

This software should be used for personal use on public lobbies. Anyone that wants to have a custom solution, private server, or other commercial use for this software should send a direct message to

on Discord. This software comes with NO warranty.


  • The software can connect to a public game to host proximity voice services
    • A restriction with public lobbies is that it is limited to 9 players only.
  • Run as a plugin on Impostor, NodePolus or other private servers.
    • A private server plugin will have none of the limitations of the public lobby (e.g. It won't be limited to 9 players)
  • There is also planned support for a BepInEx mod, which will serve the purpose of sending positional data to the backend server.
    • Currently, the Impostor plugin and BepInEx mod are separate projects.
    • The Impostor plugin requires a custom fork as well, as exposing movement data in the public API has not been upstreamed.

Developer Quickstart

Note: This project uses

, so install it if you do not have it already.

Follow the steps below to run a server and webui with hot-reload - Run

yarn install
to install all dependencies - Run
yarn serve
in the
directory - Run
yarn serve
in the
directory - In development, the server will listen on port
and the webui will listen on port
- In production, the webui should be served from the same origin as the server. The server should also have an ssl reverse proxy in front of it, like nginx, or on a PaaS like Heroku.

Note: The

script is for Heroku deployment only. Do NOT use it for development or production testing, as it WILL break.

Selfhosting - Heroku


Selfhosting - Docker images

I provide docker images to quickly setup a instance on a server or local development machine. There are two images: the stable release image, and the development image. - The command

docker pull cybershard/auproxy:latest
will pull the stable image. - The command
docker pull cybershard/auproxy:dev
will pull the development image.

Setup instructions

  • Download the image as explained in the previous section.
  • Start up a container with
    docker run -d -p {port}:8079 cybershard/auproxy:{tag}
    , replacing
    respectively, and
    with whatever port you would like.
  • Choose your favorite SSL reverse proxy to put in front of the container, like NGINX or Traefik. Make sure to forward https traffic to the
    that you chose in the previous step.
  • Connect to the server with your web browser to test, and if it succeeds, congratulations! You now have a fully functioning AUProximity instance self hosted.


This repository contains two different modules, the server and the webui. - The webui contains a basic implementation of a proximity voice client. - The server maintains connections between all proximity voice clients, serves as a WebRTC signaling service, and contains all the backends for positional data.

This design makes it very easy to have any provider for positional data (e.g., server plugin, BepInEx mod). As well, the client can have any implementation, as basic websockets are used to transfer positional data. In the base implementation, the client is the webui, and uses Web Audio APIs to connect to other clients. However, the client manages the voice system completely. As such, the client can easily be extended to create a desktop application, an application that interfaces with Discord RPC, and even include features like minimaps!


I welcome PRs for adding additional backends, client features, and even forks for other games.

This repository follows an issue-based workflow. Issues should be created to identify features and bugs being worked on, and PRs should close the issues they target for fixes and/or implementations.


The amongus-protocol library by edqx, used to interface with public lobbies


This software is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 License.

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