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Gain root shell on Termux.

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Gain a root shell on Termux while being able to run Termux commands as root.

Or run one off commands with well known

from normal linux distros.
tsu A su interface wrapper for Termux

    tsu [ -s SHELL ]  [-p|-a] [USER]
    tsu --dbg [ -s SHELL ] [-p|-a] [-E] [USER]
    tsu -h | --help | --version

--dbg        Enable debug output
-s <shell>   Use an alternate specified shell.
-p           Prepend system binaries to PATH
-a           Append system binaries to PATH
-h --help    Show this screen.

This package also provides a minimal sudo which is enough to run most programs as root

    sudo command



A simple python script is used to make the final shell script as to avoid duplication in documentation.

Run it by using:

python3 extract_usage.py


Licensed under the ISC license. See LICENSE.

Portions of the

is extraced from excode which is under the MIT LICENSE

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