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A WKT/WKB/EWKT/EWKB/TWKB/GeoJSON parser and serializer.

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A WKT/WKB/EWKT/EWKB/TWKB/GeoJSON parser and serializer with support for

  • Point
  • LineString
  • Polygon
  • MultiPoint
  • MultiLineString
  • MultiPolygon
  • GeometryCollection


The following examples show you how to work with wkx.

var wkx = require('wkx');

//Parsing a WKT string var geometry = wkx.Geometry.parse('POINT(1 2)');

//Parsing an EWKT string var geometry = wkx.Geometry.parse('SRID=4326;POINT(1 2)');

//Parsing a node Buffer containing a WKB object var geometry = wkx.Geometry.parse(wkbBuffer);

//Parsing a node Buffer containing an EWKB object var geometry = wkx.Geometry.parse(ewkbBuffer);

//Parsing a node Buffer containing a TWKB object var geometry = wkx.Geometry.parseTwkb(twkbBuffer);

//Parsing a GeoJSON object var geometry = wkx.Geometry.parseGeoJSON({ type: 'Point', coordinates: [1, 2] });

//Serializing a Point geometry to WKT var wktString = new wkx.Point(1, 2).toWkt();

//Serializing a Point geometry to WKB var wkbBuffer = new wkx.Point(1, 2).toWkb();

//Serializing a Point geometry to EWKT var ewktString = new wkx.Point(1, 2, undefined, undefined, 4326).toEwkt();

//Serializing a Point geometry to EWKB var ewkbBuffer = new wkx.Point(1, 2, undefined, undefined, 4326).toEwkb();

//Serializing a Point geometry to TWKB var twkbBuffer = new wkx.Point(1, 2).toTwkb();

//Serializing a Point geometry to GeoJSON var geoJSONObject = new wkx.Point(1, 2).toGeoJSON();


To use

in a webpage, simply copy a built browser version from
into your project, and use a
tag to include it:

If you use browserify for your project, you can simply

npm install wkx --save
, and just require
as usual in your code.

Regardless of which of the preceeding options you choose, using

in the browser will look the same: ```javascript var wkx = require('wkx');

var geometry = wkx.Geometry.parse('POINT(1 2)');

console.log(geometry.toGeoJSON()); ```

In addition to the

module, the browser versions also export
, which is useful for parsing WKB: ```javascript var Buffer = require('buffer').Buffer; var wkx = require('wkx');

var wkbBuffer = new Buffer('0101000000000000000000f03f0000000000000040', 'hex'); var geometry = wkx.Geometry.parse(wkbBuffer);

console.log(geometry.toGeoJSON()); ```

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