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Quantumult X

Quantumult Rebuilt from Scratch

New Features

  • MitM HTTPS decryption and rewrite are both working with traffic through TUN interface.
  • Enable HTTP Analyzer can record whole HTTP request and response including body.
  • Filter works on UDP traffic and UDP destination port can be set as whitelist.
  • Server can have its own servercheckurl instead of the global servercheckurl.
  • Supports V2Ray websocket and websocket + tls over shadowsocks, read sample configuration for details. Only compatible with server side deployed by V2Ray or shadowsocks v2ray-plugin with mux = 0.
  • User-Agent(lower priority than Host) type of filter works on TUN traffic.
  • Customized DNS setting supports customized port and IPv6 address.
  • Improved the DNS mechanism by enable expired answers and start new query at the same time.
  • Policy status and request history will keep the record of the full policy route like A -> B -> C -> D.
  • The DNS results will be recorded along with the first responded DNS server, response time and the TTL.
  • Modify configuration won't trigger reconnecting anymore.
  • Rewrite HTTP request headers, response status, response headers and response body.

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