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Node.JS library to read git repositories.

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This is a thin wrapper around the command-line

command for use inside node applications. It's used primarily by the wheat blogging system to enable a running node.JS server to read files out of a git repository as if they were local files.

Example usage

var sys = require('sys'),
    Git = require('git');

// Test it! Git("/Users/tim/code/"); Git.exists("articles/control-flow-part-ii.markdown", function (err, tags) { if (err) { throw(err); } sys.p(tags); }); Git.getTags(function (err, tags) { if (err) { throw(err); } Object.keys(tags).forEach(function (tag) { Git.readDir("articles", tags[tag], function (err, contents) { if (err) { throw(err); } contents.files.forEach(function (file) { file = Path.join("articles", file); Git.readFile(file, tags[tag], function (err, text) { if (err) { throw(err); } sys.error("tag: " + tag + " sha1: " + tags[tag] + " file: " + file + " length: " + text.length); }); }); }); }); });

More example:

var sys = require('sys');
// Git("/Users/tim/git/");
Git.log("articles/what-is-this.markdown", function (err, data) {
  if (err) throw err;

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