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Backup and restore Route53 zones, or transfer between AWS accounts.

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Backup and restore Route53 zones, or transfer between AWS accounts.



pip install route53-transfer


Backup a zone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Backup the
zone to a


route53-transfer dump backup.csv

Use STDOUT instead of a file


route53-transfer dump -

Restore a zone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Restore the
zone from a


route53-transfer load backup.csv


to load from STDIN instead.

Migrate between accounts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Use the command line switches to override the access and secret keys. Dump from one account, load into another.


route53-transfer --access-key-id=ACCOUNT1 --secret-key=SECRET dump
route53-transfer --access-key-id=ACCOUNT2 --secret-key=SECRET load

Working with private zones ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If hosting split-horizon zones, use --private to distinguish private domains.


route53-transfer --private dump example-private.csv
route53-transfer dump example-public.csv

When loading private zones, the target VPC region (--vpc-region) and VPC id (--vpc-id) must be specified.


route53-transfer --private --vpc-region {target vpc region} --vpc-id {target vpc id} load example-private.csv

In Python ~~~~~~~~~

Use the

functions to move data.


from StringIO import StringIO
from route53_transfer import load, dump
from boto import route53

out = StringIO() con = route53.connect_to_region('universal') dump(con, '', out)

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