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Model serving at scale


  • Deploy TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNX, scikit-learn, and other models.
  • Define preprocessing and postprocessing steps in Python.
  • Configure APIs as realtime or batch.
  • Deploy multiple models per API.


  • Monitor API performance and track predictions.
  • Update APIs with no downtime.
  • Stream logs from APIs.
  • Perform A/B tests.


  • Test locally, scale on your AWS account.
  • Autoscale to handle production traffic.
  • Reduce cost with spot instances.

How it works

Write APIs in Python

Define any real-time or batch inference pipeline as simple Python APIs, regardless of framework.


from transformers import pipeline

class PythonPredictor: def init(self, config): self.model = pipeline(task="text-generation")

def predict(self, payload): return self.model(payload["text"])[0]

Configure infrastructure in YAML

Configure autoscaling, monitoring, compute resources, update strategies, and more.

# cortex.yaml

  • name: text-generator predictor: path: networking: api_gateway: public compute: gpu: 1 autoscaling: min_replicas: 3

Scale to handle production traffic

Handle traffic with request-based autoscaling. Minimize spend with spot instances and multi-model APIs.

$ cortex get text-generator


status last-update replicas requests latency live 10h 10 100000 100ms

Integrate with your stack

Integrate Cortex with any data science platform and CI/CD tooling, without changing your workflow.


import tensorflow import torch import transformers import mlflow


Run on your AWS account

Run Cortex on your AWS account (GCP support is coming soon), maintaining control over resource utilization and data access.

# cluster.yaml

region: us-west-2 instance_type: g4dn.xlarge spot: true min_instances: 1 max_instances: 5

Focus on machine learning, not DevOps

You don't need to bring your own cluster or containerize your models, Cortex automates your cloud infrastructure.

$ cortex cluster up

confguring networking ... configuring logging ... configuring metrics ... configuring autoscaling ...

cortex is ready!

Get started

bash -c "$(curl -sS"

See our installation guide, then deploy one of our examples or bring your own models to build realtime APIs and batch APIs.

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