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Used ili9341 or ST7735. Contains a virtual machine running games from RAM.

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LGE is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. You can make you game or program using online compiler and run compiled binary on portable ESPboy console thouse feels like a regular console. Check few, colored, nostalgic LGE games from the package, by uploading them to SPIFFS.

Games sources:



User Guide:

Online ESP-LGE SDK, compiler, emulator:

How to compile for ESPboy: 1. Install Arduino IDE 2. Clone and download "ESPboylittlegameengine" and rename the folder "ESPboylittlegameengine-master" to "ESPboylittlegameengine" 3. Unpack two libraries (acoos and TFTeSPI) from file "libraries.7z" to the Arduino/Libraries folder 4. Change settings in file «UserSetup.h» of TFTeSPI library - 50 #define TFTWIDTH 128 - 53 #define TFTHEIGHT 128 - 67 #define ST7735GREENTAB3 - 149 #define TFTCS -1 - 150 #define TFTDC PIND8 - 152 #define TFTRST -1
- 224 #define LOADGLCD - 255 #define SPIFREQUENCY 27000000 5. Open "esp8266gameengine.ino" in Arduino IDE and compile it for "Lolin/WeMos D1 mini ESP8266" board 6. Upload the games to your ESPboy SPIFFS 7. Enjoy )

How to upload games to SPIFFS:

How to recompile CHIP8 games: 1. Use source file 2. Put your CHIP8 bit code to char "Memory[3583] = {};" at string ¹58 3. Check buttons remap at strings ¹9-20 4. Compile this .c to .bin with "Online ESP-LGE SDK, compiler, emulator" 5. Upload .bit to your ESPboy SPIFFS

Games in package:

  1. Original ESP-LGE by Igor: FourInaRow, NinjaEscape, 1916, WormBlast, ESProgue, Galaxies, CityRunner, Memories, MarsAttack, Columns, Mines, Breackout, TowerDefense, ...



Used ili9341. Contains a virtual machine running games from RAM.

Used library:

Online emulator with compiler:



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