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Notification library for gophers and their furry friends.

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Notification library for gophers and their furry friends. Heavily inspired by caronc/apprise.

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Quick Start

As a package

Using shoutrrr is easy! There is currently two ways of using it as a package.

Using the direct send command

  url := "slack://token-a/token-b/token-c"
  err := shoutrrr.Send(url, "Hello world (or slack channel) !")

Using a sender

  url := "slack://token-a/token-b/token-c"
  sender, err := shoutrrr.CreateSender(url)
  sender.Send("Hello world (or slack channel) !", map[string]string { /* ... */ })

Using a sender with multiple URLs

  urls := []string {
    "discord://[email protected]"
  sender, err := shoutrrr.CreateSender(urls...)
  sender.Send("Hello world (or slack channel) !", map[string]string { /* ... */ })

Through the CLI

Start by running the
script. You may then run send notifications using the shoutrrr executable:
$ shoutrrr send [OPTIONS]  

From a GitHub Actions workflow

You can also use Shoutrrr from a GitHub Actions workflow.

See this example and the action on GitHub Marketplace:

name: Deploy
      - main

jobs: build: runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - name: Some other steps needed for deploying run: ... - name: Shoutrrr uses: containrrr/[email protected] with: url: ${{ secrets.SHOUTRRR_URL }} title: Deployed ${{ github.sha }} message: See changes at ${{ }}.


For additional details, visit the full documentation.

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Amir Schnell


nils måsén

💻 📖 🚧

Luka Peschke

💻 📖


💻 📖

Simon Aronsson

💻 📖 🚧

Arne Jørgensen

📖 💻

Alexei Tighineanu


Alexandru Bonini


Senan Kelly






This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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