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A sample Blazor chat application using SignalR

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Blazor Chat Sample

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Now upgraded for .NET 5 RTM - Please ensure you have the .NET 5 SDK loaded and VS 2019 v16.8 or later. One change since the release candidates is that the scoped CSS is now

in place of the

This application demonstrates the use of SignalR to create a Blazor chat application.

Now JavaScript-Free!

The app now uses the

library which is now compatible with the Mono WASM runtime. This really simplifies the

Previously this sample used JavaScript SignalR client. If you want to see how the JavaScript client version worked, I've retained it in this branch

.NET 5

@Turochamp has kindly provided an upgrade to .NET 5, which now uses CSS isolation for the app, navbar etc.


A demo application is available at

Improvements & Suggestions

If you have any improvements or suggestions please submit as issues/pull requests on the Github repo.


Many thanks to Turochamp who did the upgrade to .NET 5 RC1!

Thanks to Code-Boxx for the article that helped me create simple CSS speech bubbles that improve the layout.

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