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an open-source python toolbox to analyze mobile phone metadata

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bandicoot ( is Python toolbox to analyze mobile phone metadata. It provides a complete, easy-to-use environment for data-scientist to analyze mobile phone metadata. With only a few lines of code, load your datasets, visualize the data, perform analyses, and export the results.

.. image:: :alt: Bandicoot interactive visualization

Where to get it

The source code is currently hosted on Github at Binary installers for the latest released version are available at the Python package index:

And via


.. code-block:: sh

easy_install bandicoot



.. code-block:: sh

pip install bandicoot


bandicoot has no dependencies, which allows users to easily compute indicators on a production machine. To run tests and compile the visualization, optional dependencies are needed:

  • nose 
    , and
    for tests,
  • npm 
    _ to compile the js and css files of the dashboard.




The official documentation is hosted on It includes a quickstart tutorial, a detailed reference for all functions, and guides on how to use and extend bandicoot. You can also check out our

interactive training notebooks 
_ to learn how to download your own data from your mobile phone and load it into bandicoot to visualize it or to learn how to use bandicoot indicators in scikit-learn.

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