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xs:code helps you pay open source developers to maintain and improve their code – so you don’t have to.

James B.

Chief Software Architect

Value Developers

A significant part of the code your company is using, is written by developers you didn’t interview, have no relationship with, and you have never paid. 

When you use open source libraries in commercial software, paying their developers is not only fair – it makes sense. Compensated developers have more time to write better code, fix bugs and add new features. That means more time for your team to focus on the tasks that matter to you.

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Unlock licenses, features and services

xs:code hosts unique versions of open source projects, unavailable on public repositories.

Get access to unique features, permissive licenses, support packages, security updates and more – for the repositories you are already using.

ATTRACT more contributors

Looking for more developers to help maintain your company’s open source projects?

Connect your open source project to xs:code, and use our automatic contributor revenue to motivate developers to participate in maintaining your projects.

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