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commerceguys / guzzle-oauth2-plugin

Provides an OAuth2 plugin (subscriber) for Guzzle

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Provides an OAuth2 plugin (subscriber) for Guzzle.

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Version 2.x (on the

branch) is intended for Guzzle 5:
        "commerceguys/guzzle-oauth2-plugin": "~2.0"

Guzzle 3 compatibility continues in the


        "commerceguys/guzzle-oauth2-plugin": "~1.0"


  • Acquires access tokens via one of the supported grant types (code, client credentials, user credentials, refresh token). Or you can set an access token yourself.
  • Supports refresh tokens (stores them and uses them to get new access tokens).
  • Handles token expiration (acquires new tokens and retries failed requests).

Running the tests

First make sure you have all the dependencies in place by running

composer install --prefer-dist
, then simply run


use GuzzleHttp\Client;
use CommerceGuys\Guzzle\Oauth2\GrantType\RefreshToken;
use CommerceGuys\Guzzle\Oauth2\GrantType\PasswordCredentials;
use CommerceGuys\Guzzle\Oauth2\Oauth2Subscriber;

$base_url = '';

$oauth2Client = new Client(['base_url' => $base_url]);

$config = [ 'username' => '[email protected]', 'password' => 'test password', 'client_id' => 'test-client', 'scope' => 'administration', ];

$token = new PasswordCredentials($oauth2Client, $config); $refreshToken = new RefreshToken($oauth2Client, $config);

$oauth2 = new Oauth2Subscriber($token, $refreshToken);

$client = new Client([ 'defaults' => [ 'auth' => 'oauth2', 'subscribers' => [$oauth2], ], ]);

$response = $client->get('');


// Use $oauth2->getAccessToken(); and $oauth2->getRefreshToken() to get tokens // that can be persisted for subsequent requests.

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