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Math & data behind color spaces and color conversions.

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Color-space Build Status stable OpenCollective OpenCollective

Conversions and data for color spaces. Demo.


npm install color-space

var space = require('color-space');

//convert lab to lch var result = space.lab.lch([80,50,60]);

You can require a separate space to reduce size significantly:

var rgb = require('color-space/rgb');
var hsl = require('color-space/hsl');

//convert rgb to hsl rgb.hsl([200,230,100]);


.name //space name
.min //channel minimums
.max //channel maximums
.channel //channel names
.alias //alias space names



Please fork, add color space with basic conversions to/from XYZ or RGB and tests. The goal of project is to provide the most complete set of color spaces with maximally minimal uniform API.


Thanks to all the color scientists, who devoted their lives to color research and delivered their knowledge to us, for now we can trust them and use their formulas and their code.


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  • colormap — collection of colormaps to map colors of images/data. A replacement for visualising spaces like cubehelix.
  • color-spectrum — convert spectrum to a color.
  • color-interpolate — interpolate between color values.
  • color-tool — color picker based on color-space.

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