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Kaiopua: an interactive moon-sized Hawaiian space worm that will teach you to be a better designer!

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Web-native science fiction puzzle game

Explanation (PDF) - Play Game - Details (PDF) - Game Plan v6 - TODO List

The aim of the project is to create an epistemic game to teach players how to think more like a creative professional in design. As noted by epistemicgames.org:

"Creative professionals learn innovative thinking through training that is very different from traditional academic classrooms because innovative thinking means more than just knowing the right answers on a test. It also means having real-world skills, high standards and professional values, and a particular way of thinking about problems and justifying solutions."

Kaiopua is a science fiction builder / puzzle game, that has the player adopt the identity of a Pacific Islander, lost at sea, who finds a home aboard the most unexpected of creatures by learning the ways of taro farming. The game will be accessible and playable via website, and will not require any third party plug-ins or software beyond the web browser of player's choice.

Core Goal

The core goal of the project is to create a universal design education tool that may teach players to better understand grid, spacing, order, modularity, and efficiency within design. Primarily target audiences are teenage students, roughly ages 10 - 14, and college level undergraduate students, ages 18 - 25, of all genders.



Collin Hover

Design Consulting

Seiji Ikeda - Web Design
Robert Hower - Graphic Design
Tuan Ho - Gaming
Vassilis Athitsos - Computer Science


(none yet - TBA)

Extra Credits

Thanks to the following individuals for help starting up the game with some basic illustrations, models, and animation assistance:

Ian Wilson
Kevin Ly
Houston Hardaway
Joshua Wilson
Amanda Nicole East





Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Collin Hover
For full license and information, see LICENSE.

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