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Automounter for removable media

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udiskie is a udisks2_ front-end that allows to manage removeable media such as CDs or flash drives from userspace.


Its features include:

  • automount removable media
  • notifications
  • tray icon
  • command line tools for manual un-/mounting
  • LUKS encrypted devices
  • unlocking with keyfiles (requires udisks 2.6.4)
  • loop devices (mounting iso archives)
  • password caching (requires python keyutils 0.3)

All features can be individually enabled or disabled.

NOTE: support for python2 and udisks1 have been removed. If you need a version of udiskie that supports python2, please check out the

releases or the

.. _udisks2:

  • Documentation
    • Usage_
    • Installation_
    • Debug Info
    • Troubleshooting_
    • FAQ_
  • Man page
  • Source Code
  • Latest Release
  • Issue Tracker

.. _Documentation: .. _Usage: .. _Installation: .. _Debug Info: .. _Troubleshooting: .. _FAQ:

.. _Man Page: .. _Source Code: .. _Latest Release: .. _Issue Tracker: .. _Roadmap:

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