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This is a short readme describing the layout of PyEmu. A module containing a class for defining a context to pass between modules in the emulator The CPU class implements each instruction and is responsible for executing and maintaining state A simple class to ease some debugging tasks The user facing class that implements the public methods available for use. Also is responsible for initiating the memory and cpu classes A helper class for providing abstracted access to the pydasm instruction structures A module containing the memory managers responsible for fetching and storing memory A rough implementation of needed OS specific structures for process creation and control.

examples/ A simple example of using PyEmu in IDA Pro A simple example showing tracking of memory access An example showing mnemonic hooking An example demonstrating return value enumeration A test case exercising many of the PyEmu methods A example of PE file PyEmu use A example of PyDbg use

lib/ Ero Carrera's pefile implementation pydasm.pyd: Ero Carrera's libdasm python wrapper ctypes/_ctypes.pyd: Ctypes library needed for

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