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A DNS Bruteforcing Wordlist Generator

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A DNS Bruteforcing Wordlist Generator.

| Argument | Description | |------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| | (stdin) | Specify a list of targets | | -t | Specify a single target. | | -tL | Specify a list of targets. | | -sL | Specify a list of sets to substitue with | | -eL | Specify a list of targets to exclude | | -eX | Specify a list of domain extensions to substitute with | | -a | Specify a file of words to append to a host | | -p | Specify a file of words to prepend to a host | | -v | If set then verbose output will be displayed in the terminal | | -i | If set, original domains (from source files) are included in the output. | | --range | Set a higher range for integer permutations. | | --subs | If set then only subdomains will be generated. | | --no-color | If set then any foreground or background colours will be stripped out | | --limit | Specify a fixed word limit to output. | | --level | Specify the level of results to output. | | --no-repeats | Prevent repeated structures such as |


There are multiple levels of changes that can be performed, specified by "-level". A level of "1" or above modifies the results to use a

as well as everything else. A level of 0 wouldn't use
. Level defaults to level 1.

At level 2 integer substituions start to take place, using a set range.


Append works by adding a new subdomain, as well as the word with a

and without (unless level is 0). So, for example:

A target list of:

With an append list of:


With command line as:

DNSCewl -tL targets.txt -a append.txt

Would provide the output:

If the flag

was passed then this would limit results to new subdomains only, and output the following:


Prepend is the same as append, but at the beginning of a domain (or subdomain).

Using as:

DNSCewl -tL targets.txt -p append.txt

Would result in:

Level Usage Example

If level 1 was spefied, results with

wouldn't be used. For example:
DNSCewl -tL targets.txt -p append.txt --level=0

Would result in:

Subs Usage Example

Subs limits results to subdomains only. For example:

DNSCewl -tL targets.txt -p append.txt --level=0 --subs

Would result in:

No repeats example

No repeats prevents the same term being used twice in a domain.

For example, using
with an prepended list of:

With the following:

DNSCewl -tL targets.txt -p append.txt --no-repeats

Would result in:

Note that isn't included, as it's a repeated subdomain. It's important to note that is still possible here, as --no-repeats shouldn't prevent a subdomain and a top level domain from repeating.

Set List (-sL) Example

A set list is a series of words to perform a replacement on when one word in a set is discovered.

For example, an input of:

When provided a set list of:


Would output:

Include originals (-i)

If set than the original domains, from source lists are included in outputted results. If not then they will be excluded.

Range Example

By default if level=2 is set then any integers in a domain would be incremented and decremented by 100. For example,

Would generate domains from to as output.

Range allows you to override this setting. By default range will adjust to be both negative and positive. For example:


Would generate domians from to You can however specify + or - on range. So for example,


Would only generate domains from to as our output.

Domain Extensions (-eX)

Takes a list of domain extensions and replaces extensions on final results with them.

For example,

When combined with a list of extentions that includes:

Would result in a list of domains:

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