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not maintained, moved to https://github.com/gobuild/gobuild

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Project moved to https://github.com/gobuild/gobuild


Build Status Go Walker Gobuild Download

News http://beta.gobuild.io

gobuild2 beta was released.

QQ Group: 368327021

Thanks very much for you guys stars which encourage me to rewrite this website to gobuild2. Thanks very much. Thanks open source.

Go build + package + distributions

There are a lot of golang open souce project, sometime we want to share code, sometimes we want to share binary file to friends. But few website offers golang binary shares. So I created one.

How to use

wget gobuild.io/github.com/codeskyblue/fswatch/v1.0/linux/amd64 -O fswatch.zip

-- unfinished -- wget gobuild.io/linux/amd64/v1.0/github.com/codeskyblue/fswatch/fswatch.zip



file, you can use more function with https://gobuild.io.

first you need to add a file

into project root.

For beego project: (platform will will invode

bee pack -f zip
framework: beego

For revel project: (

revel package
framework: revel

For self define which file should be packaged.(excludes is not working now). And binary file is defaulted added, you don't need to worry about it.

        - static
        - LICENSE
        - README.md
        - CHANGELOG

There is a default for every project: see default gobuildrc

other build tool support

support gopm.

Test is

exists in project root, then use alias go=gopm instead.

add badge

Gobuild Download

assume you project address is github.com/codeskyblue/gobuild

and the png address is: http://gobuild.io/badge/github.com/codeskyblue/gobuild/download.png

Markdown link is link below

[![Gobuild Download](http://gobuild.io/badge/github.com/codeskyblue/gobuild/download.png)](http://gobuild.io/github.com/codeskyblue/gobuild)

For developers

Prepare dependencies

go get -d github.com/codeskyblue/gobuild
# cd github.com/codeskyblue/gobuild
# config file: config.yaml

2 example project, which contains

  • github.com/codeskyblue/gobuild-beegotest
  • github.com/codeskyblue/gobuild-reveltest

related package

Q/A(knownen issues)

not support os/user

golang's cross compile not support CGO, but package os/user use CGO.

solutions: use environment variables to get use-name http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7922270/obtain-users-home-directory


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