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CodeItNow Barcode & QrCode Generator

Barcode and Qr Code generator library by CodeItNow. You can use it with Custom PHP application or any PHP Framework such as Laravel, Symfony, Cakephp, Yii, Codeigneter etc.


You must have php >= 5.3.2 installed and GD extension enabled.

Installation -

CodeItNow Barcode & Qr Code Generator can install by composer.

composer require codeitnowin/barcode

Uses -

Barcode and Qr Code Generator library give output as base64 encoded png image.

Example - QrCode:

use CodeItNow\BarcodeBundle\Utils\QrCode;

$qrCode = new QrCode(); $qrCode ->setText('QR code by') ->setSize(300) ->setPadding(10) ->setErrorCorrection('high') ->setForegroundColor(array('r' => 0, 'g' => 0, 'b' => 0, 'a' => 0)) ->setBackgroundColor(array('r' => 255, 'g' => 255, 'b' => 255, 'a' => 0)) ->setLabel('Scan Qr Code') ->setLabelFontSize(16) ->setImageType(QrCode::IMAGE_TYPE_PNG) ; echo '';

Sample Image - QrCode:

CodeItNow QrCode Generator

Example - Code128:

use CodeItNow\BarcodeBundle\Utils\BarcodeGenerator;

$barcode = new BarcodeGenerator(); $barcode->setText("0123456789"); $barcode->setType(BarcodeGenerator::Code128); $barcode->setScale(2); $barcode->setThickness(25); $barcode->setFontSize(10); $code = $barcode->generate();

echo '';

Example - Codabar:


Example - Code11:


Example - Code39:


Example - Code39-Extended:


Example - Ean128:


Example - Gs1128:


Example - Gs1128 (with no length limit and unknown identifier):


Example - I25:


Example - Isbn:


Example - Msi:


Example - Postnet:


Example - S25:


Example - Upca:


Example - Upca:


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