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:bullettrain_side: A CLI utility for moving data to and from Cloud Firestore

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Fire Migrate

👀 Firestore now has an official import/export process. Consider that your first option if it suits your needs. If it does not, continue reading...

CLI tool for moving data in-n-out of Cloud Firestore.

  • Import/Export CSV, Excel, or JSON files to/from Firestore.
  • Encode/Decode Firestore data types such as GeoPoint, Reference, Timestamp, etc.

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  • Clone and run
    npm install
  • Download the service account from your Firebase project settings, then save it as
    in the project root.
  • npm run build
    and you're off and running.

Import Data to Firestore

  • Push your local data to the Firestore database.
  • Selectively import [collections...] from source file to Firestore.
  • Omitting [collections...], or specifying root "/" will import all collections.
import|i [options]  [collections...]

Options: ``` -i, --id [field] Field to use for Document IDs. (default: doc_id) -a, --auto-id [str] Document ID token specifying auto generated Document ID. (default: Auto-ID) -m, --merge Merge Firestore documents. Default is Replace. -k, --chunk [size] Split upload into batches. Max 500 by Firestore constraints. (default: 500) -p, --coll-prefix prefixCollection prefix. (default: collection)

-s, --sheet [#] Single mode XLSX Sheet # to import.

-T, --truncate Delete all documents from target collections before import.

-d, --dry-run Perform a dry run, without committing data. Implies --verbose. -v, --verbose Output document insert paths -h, --help output usage information ```


fire-migrate import --dry-run test.json myCollection
fire-migrate import --merge test.INDEX.csv myCollection
fire-migrate i -m --id docid test.xlsx myCollection

Export Data from Firestore

  • Pull data from Firestore to a JSON, CSV or XLSX file.
  • Selectively export [collections...], or entire database with root "/".
  • Exports Sub-Collections by default, optionally disabled.
  • Splits CSV/XLSX collections into separate files/sheets with an INDEX.
export|e [options]  [collections...]

Options: ```

-n, --no-subcolls Do not export sub-collections. -p, --coll-prefix [prefix] Collection prefix (default: collection) -i, --id-field [id] Field name to use for document IDs (default: doc_id)

-v, --verbose Output traversed document paths -h, --help output usage information ```


fire-migrate export --verbose --no-subcolls myCollectionRootLevel.json myCollection
fire-migrate export users-posts.json users posts
fire-migrate e -v firestore-dump.xlsx

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