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Ember web application for Code Corps.

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This is the Ember web application for

Code Corps is an open source platform for building and funding public software with massive social impact.

Our goals:

  • Connect people - Match developers and designers, project managers and marketers – any and every talent – to ambitious projects that need their help.
  • Provide support - Educate and train, develop and encourage people who build public software. Help projects be successful and people to do their best work.
  • Fund projects - Crowdfund ongoing work and keep funders engaged in projects and connected to the teams they're supporting.
  • Develop new tools - Help people collaborate on, organize, and even distribute their work. Listen closely to hear what needs built, and then build it.

How can I help?

We'd love to have you contribute to Code Corps directly!

Have questions? Need help? You can also always come :wave: hello in our Slack, where there are always a ton of us around to help you learn, debug, or just shoot the breeze.

We highlight everyone who's contributed to the Code Corps team page. If we've missed you for some reason, please open an issue in the Ember app!


To learn more about getting started with the codebase, follow this guide.


Have everything installed and ready to work? Read our usage guides to learn how to:


We have several types of docs:

  • Project documentation (README, CONTRIBUTING, etc.)
  • Inline documentation for the Ember app generated by YUIdoc

Things we care about

Our values for this project reflect the Code Corps values as a whole, though with some minor differences.

We care about:

  • Each other :raised_hands:
  • Social impact :earth_africa:
  • Good documentation :memo:
  • Testing :microscope:
  • Welcoming and teaching new contributors :wave:
  • Writing small, clear, and achievable issues :dart:

We also track quantifiable metrics like inline documentation coverage, testing coverage, and so on. You can see some of these metrics in the icons at the top of this page.

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