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Parallel lua states

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Parallel multiple lua states , actor model for lua.

Quick Start

make and run

lua test.lua

the main logic is in test/main.lua .

You can read this blog first ( (In Chinese)

How to Launch the hive

local hive = require "hive"

hive.start { thread = 4, -- 4 worker thread, You can set more if you have more cpu core. main = "test.main", -- main cell, the cell name search rule is the same with require. }

How the cell work

Let's read test/pingpong.lua first.

local cell = require "cell"

cell.command { ping = function() cell.sleep(1) return "pong" end }

function cell.main(...) print("pingpong launched") return ... end

If you launch test.pingping, the function cell.main(...) will be execute first.

You can use cell.cmd("launch", "test.pingpong", ...) to launch it.

test.pingpong is a simple cell that support one command 'ping'. If you send a command 'ping' to it, It will sleep 0.01 second first, and the send 'pong' back.

None-blocking socket library

Hive support none-blocking socket api that can be used in every cell.

cell.listen can be used in a server cell, the accepter will be call every time accept a new connection. You can forward the data from new connection to a new cell, or forward to itself (fork a coroutine to deliver the data).

cell.connect can be used in a client cell.


  • Multi-process support
  • Broadcast message
  • Signal for cell exit
  • Database (Redis/Mongo/SQL) driver
  • Debugger/Monitor
  • Log system (Instead of print error message)
  • Better document
  • Better samples
  • More options in hive.start
  • And more

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