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Hue Editor: Open source SQL Query Assistant for Databases/Warehouses

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Query. Explore. Share.

Hue Editor is a mature open source SQL Assistant for querying any Databases & Data Warehouses and collaborating:

Many companies and organizations use Hue to quickly answer questions via self-service querying e.g.:

  • 1000+ customers
  • Top Fortune 500

are executing 100s of 1000s of queries daily. It also ships in Cloudera Data Platform, Amazon AWS, Open Data Hub...

Hue is also ideal for building your own Cloud SQL Editor and any contributions are welcome.

Hue Editor

Getting Started

You can start Hue in 3 ways - From source, Docker or Kubernetes. Once setup you would have to configure Hue to point to the desired databases you want to query.

The Forum is here in case you are looking for help.

Building From Source

First, clone Hue repo, install the dependencies, build and get the development server running.

# Install dependencies
git clone
cd hue
make apps
build/env/bin/hue runserver

Now Hue should be running on http://localhost:8000!

Read more about configurations in the development documentations.


Start Hue in a single click with the Docker Guide or the video blog post.

docker run -it -p 8888:8888 gethue/hue:latest

Now Hue should be up and running on your default Docker IP on the port 8888 http://localhost:8888!

Read more about configurations then.

Development Docker

For a very Quick Start and not even bother with installing a dev environment, go with the Dev Docker.


helm repo add gethue
helm repo update
helm install gethue/hue

Read more about configurations at



  • How to contribute
  • Help Forum:
  • High level roadmap
  • Jira:


Apache License, Version 2.0

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