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Mini equalizer for Android apps.

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Mini Equalizer Library for Android

This Android Library project is created to let you use a animated equalizer inside your music related apps.

Android Arsenal

Supported Android versions: Android 4.0+

How to use it

Add this to your dependencies:

compile 'com.github.claucookie.miniequalizer:library:1.0.0'



There is some custom attributes you can adjust from the xml: - foregroundColor : the equalizer bars color (default is black) - animDuration : (millisecs) the animation follows a pattern and the number of loops is infinite. To set the duration of each loop, use this attribute.


Initialization + animation

To start animating the equalizer you should add:

EqualizerView equalizer = (EqualizerView) findViewById(;
equalizer.animateBars(); // Whenever you want to tart the animation
equalizer.stopBars(); // When you want equalizer stops animating

And... that's it!, so simple.

Example of and app using the equalizer


Every idea, fork and suggestion is very welcome.


Claudia Luque Fernández @claucookie


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