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Unity 3D UI (uGUI) Windows Extensions

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Previous Changes:


  • Audio Manager play queue fixes
  • Components and Windows Hide/Show behaviour full refactoring
  • Many other fixes


  • Draggable windows
  • FullTextFormat added to TextComponent
  • Window statuses output fix
  • FindOpened method added to WindowSystem
  • GD & Loc versions added
  • GameData service name fix
  • WARNING! Old window Preferences->Depth removed. New layers are come!
  • Window Layers implemented
  • Analytics alpha implementation (Unity Analytics works only)
  • A/B Testing module added. Now you can add tests to your flow and filter users by parameters.
  • Audio improvement
  • Global scroll sens added
  • Netclient fixes
  • UI mesh renderer clean up
  • Modifiedmesh fix
  • Logger added
  • WindowSystemInput GetPointerScroll
  • "Need compile" flag implemented
  • LocalizationSystem declinations fixes
  • ListViewComponent GetItem fix
  • WindowSystem forceSingleInstance fix
  • Linker window type added
  • Bug fixes/minor improvements


  • SFX field improvements
  • Audio KeepCurrent/RestartIfEquals fix
  • New Popup implemented


  • Audio editor improvemets
  • Audio transitions implemented


  • Audio (Music&FX) support added
    • Need to implement fade in/out
  • Flow Window "Screen->Components Editor" feature implemented
  • Visual improvements & Minor bug fix


  • Audio module added to FlowSettings & WindowBase


  • DevicePreview comes to beta
  • Component Parameters are available now below link fields
  • Button*Component depricated. ButtonComponent is complex now.
  • issue fix #21
  • Builds directory removed


  • ObjectPool RecycleAll fix
  • CircleLayoutGroup fix
  • GetRoot() null fix
  • PartcileSystemCached updated
  • Examples updated
  • minor fixes
  • hotfix compile error
  • Flow Example Initializer added
  • Project was updated to Unity 5.2
  • Fixed issue #18
  • Transition null fix
  • bitmask attribute fixed
  • minor editor improvements
  • WindowSystem::GetCurrentWindow() fixed
  • webgl support
  • Heatmap build fix
  • Animation tags fixed
  • TextComponent types added
  • ME.Macros implemented (
  • Flow run without reflection now


  • Flow Editor improvements
  • Scale in Layout Editor Preview fixed
  • Layout Editor Preview improvements
  • many others minor improvements


  • CircleLayoutGroup pivot
  • CircleLayoutGroup null fixes
  • minor changes
  • unused code removed
  • Compiler: Methods with types will be generated now (Re-compile UI required)
  • Core Editor: "Create on Scene" Context function added to the each Screen Settings (Select screen prefab and select settings context menu)
  • Core Editor: Scene View drawing changed (Works with stretchX/stretchY)


  • ParticleSystemCached Rewind added
  • InputField Caret bug fix now is not needed
  • TextComponent enum changed
  • Gradient are now supports bitmask
  • AutoRegisterInRoot boolean working on Layout Initialization
  • TipWindowType refactored: working on multiply screen resolutions
  • minor fixes
  • Generator improvemets
  • UI Button Extended supports multiply transitions
  • HideAllAndClean fix wrong depth reset
  • Button extended with alpha transition
  • Flow zoom 0.98
  • ProgressAnimation Component null fix
  • isDirty check
  • test label removed
  • particles
  • Tweener setValue added
  • Flat icons
  • Force Canvas update
  • tags fix
  • Create Project fixed
  • Hierarchy View improvements
  • Flow: "Create Project" button added on splash screen
  • Flow: Create Screen function -> ReplaceComponents function fixed
  • Minor improvements and fixes


  • Examples fixed
  • Transition FlowHide## method variation added
  • Button with label interactable flag fixed in editor
  • skin improvements
  • warning fix
  • attach revert fixed
  • Flow attaches doubleSided fixed
  • WindowLayoutRoot ICanvasElement now
  • layout fixes
  • Upgrade fix
  • Functions Iteration fixed
  • WindowSystem start ObjectPool ref fixed
  • Styles changed
  • UI.Windows updated
  • Bug merge fixes
  • ComboBox removed
  • Flow visual improvements
  • Function transitions full support
  • Tags popup fixed
  • Social plugin having uniqueTag now
  • Warnings fixed
  • readme.txt removed
  • Version updater added
  • Transitions added (pre-alpha)
  • Some bugs fixed
  • Many other improvements


  • Transition CameraSlide added
  • Transition states instancing fixed
  • Flow editor small fixes
  • Scene [A] objects spam fixed
  • Preallocated windows pool size parameter added
  • CricleLayoutGroup added
  • SizeToScaleLayoutGroup added
  • CanvasUpdater added
  • FlowLayoutGroup added (3rdParty)
  • BackButton action added
  • History preferences per window added
  • Many other fixes


  • Events are now public
  • Show/Hide SetActive according on animation
  • Flow Editor create window coords fix
  • Hide/Show behaviour refactoring


  • Tweener extension refactoring
  • Sorting Layers bug fix
  • List Component navigation added
  • major performance fixes in editor flow
  • flow editor refactor
  • flow editor zoom added
  • android devices transition issues resolved by TRANSITION_ENABLE compile flag
  • isContainer and isDefaultLink flags are completely removed
  • many minor fixes


  • Fillable boolean added
  • forced flag added into tabs
  • Tags editor added
  • Tags adding fixed
  • Screen layout editor added
  • Flow: Functions module call stack fixed
  • Flow: Functions compiler class added
  • Flow: Create Screen/Layout buttons added into each window view
  • Flow: "Functions" module added (beta)
  • Flow: Visual improvements
  • Minor fixes


  • Flow: Comments class added
  • Warnings fixed
  • Smart script template added
  • Preserve aspect added to ImageComponent
  • Icons added
  • Heatmap addon (pre-alpha)
  • Social settings
  • Macros removed
  • Components register fix
  • Minor fixes
  • Modules installation
  • Social installer
  • Social: FB implementation at the beginning
  • Social: VK beta
  • Minor fixes
  • Clean up
  • Social addon started ( login & friends added by token)
  • Some examples fixed
  • List component will no longer clean up on hide
  • Components Show/Hide behaviour changed to recursive
  • Added button with text and image
  • Minor fixes
  • FlowCompiler: Hot fix path error
  • Flow: Arrows visual fixes
  • Flow: Window states fixed
  • Flow: Minor GUI fixes
  • Layout: Light skin size fixes


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