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A guide for friendly websites (accessible, performant, and portable device happy)

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Websites for non-jerks

v0.48a - This guide will eventually be made into a website.

A guide for friendly websites (accessible, performant, progressively enhanced, and portable device happy).

The project aim is to have happier, educated teams and better quality websites and apps.

These are resources and tools that I think are excellent and add value to how we approach what we make. This is designed to be an argument buster and responsible decision primer for websites - with links to where I got the data, ideas, or followed a discussion.

1. Strategies for early project

2. Better design decisions

3. Inclusive by design

4. Thinking about content first

5. Making things more usable

6. Easy Forms & Form controls

7. Structuring your stylesheets for scale and change

8. Typography - Establishing tone and making it readable

9. Embracing viewport flexibility

10. Understanding flexible media

11. Avoid frustrating people: performance

12. Bringing the design alive - Kinetic / Animation

13. Testing for multiple devices and browsers

14. Deliverables for clients and teams

A. Client deliverables

B. Team deliverables

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