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Roundcube CardDAV Plugin

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This is a CardDAV-Implementation for roundcube 0.6 or higher.


  • Add multiple CardDAV server for each user
  • CardDAV contacts are stored in the local database which provides great performance
  • Tested CardDAV servers: DAViCal, Apple Addressbook Server, meetoo, SabreDAV, ownCloud, SOGo
  • You can read / add / delete / edit CardDAV contacts (vCards)
  • Autocomplete all CardDAV contacts within the compose email view
  • Search for all CardDAV contacts within the addressbook
  • Automaticly synchronized CardDAV contacts (just execute /plugins/carddav/cronjob/synchronize.php within the crontab)

Planned features

  • Improved search for CardDAV contacts within the addressbook


  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • CURL


  • Execute SQL statements from /plugins/carddav/SQL/yourDatabase.sql
  • Add 'carddav' to the plugins array in /config/
  • Copy /plugins/carddav/ to /plugins/carddav/
  • Login into your roundcube webmail and add your CardDAV server in the settings


  • Execute new SQL statements from /plugins/carddav/SQL/yourDatabase.update.sql

Special thanks

  • B5r1oJ0A9G for the PostgreSQL statements!

CardDAV server list

  • DAViCal:{resource|principal|username}/{collection}/
  • Apple Addressbook Server:{resource|principal|username}/{collection}/
  • memotoo:
  • SabreDAV:{resource|principal|username}/{collection}/
  • ownCloud:{resource|principal|username}/{collection}/
  • SOGo:{resource|principal|username}/Contacts/{collection}/


  • Author: Christian Putzke [email protected]
  • Report feature requests and bugs here:
  • Visit Graviox Studios:
  • Follow me on Twitter:

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