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LiterateSwift is a (GUI) tool to edit your literate swift files.

A literate swift file is written in CommonMark, written with fenced code blocks. A code block can be either of three things: swift, highlight-swift, or print-swift.

A file is transformed like this: first, all

code-blocks are assembled into one big swift file. Then, for every print-swift block, a new file is generated, containing the
code blocks and the contents of that print-swift block.

To install, just run

pod install
, it will install the dependencies (cmark, CommonMark and LiterateSwift). For
, you need to have
installed. All code is written using the latest Xcode (Xcode 7, Beta 4).


Additionally, you can include snippets from other swift files in subdirectories (or the same directory).

If you surround your code like this:

// <>
class View {
    var window: Window
    init(window: Window) {
        self.window = window
class Window {
    var view: View?
// <>

And put it in a file with the extension .swift, somewhere in the same directory as the markdown file (or a subdirectory), you can then include it in your Markdown file, inside a code block:


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