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Bluetooth LE Mesh Chat for iOS and Android

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BLEMeshChat Build Status


Bluetooth LE mesh chat prototype for iOS. Android version over here.


  • Use the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy APIs on iOS and Android to allow for pairing-free promiscuous background synchronization for anyone with a protocol-compatible app installed.
  • Be a 100% sneakernet protocol, with absolutely no internet functionality.
  • Use modern crypto (via libsodium) that's tailored to the limitations of BLE and an ultra-high latency, unreliable sneakernet.
  • Implement a familiar and friendly Twitter-style UI/UX with a public feed, replies, reposts and (maybe) direct messaging.
  • Only show Gravatar-style avatars and hashes for other's identities until you verify keys in person, and somehow make this process seem enjoyable.


There's still a lot of unsolved problems, but we're close to a working prototype. For more information about the current draft protocol, check out the Bluetooth LE Mesh Chat Spec wiki.



MPL 2.0

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