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The code for the apps for the premium video courses: Make React Apps

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Make React Apps

In this repo, you'll find the starter files and the finished files for the React Apps that we make in the courses: Make 10 React Apps (Series A) and Make 10 React Apps (Series B)

| Series A | Series B | | -------- | -------- | | | |

To Start

Clone this repo. Or you can fork it so that you can track your progress in your own repo.

  1. Clone it:
    git clone [email protected]:chris-on-code/make-react-apps.git

Each application has its own folder. In each app folder is a

folder. You can see the final app or start working in the start folder with the following steps:
  1. cd
    into a folder
  2. Install dependencies:
    npm install
  3. Start the React app:
    npm start
    yarn start

10 Apps in Series A

View 10 React Apps (Series A)

  1. Pomodoro - Demo
  2. Markdown Editor - Demo
  3. Browser Tabs - Demo
  4. Paper Rock Scissors - Demo
  5. Moving Boxes and Zelda - Demo
  6. Infinite Image Gallery - Demo
  7. Trivia Game - Demo
  8. Authentication
  9. Web Speech and Timers - Demo
  10. Calendar Picker - Demo

10 Apps in Series B

View 10 React Apps (Series B)

  1. Chat Box - Demo
  2. Multi-Step Form w/ Context - Demo
  3. Memory Matching Game - Demo
  4. Drag and Drop Math Card - Demo
  5. Browser - Demo
  6. Real-Time Search - Demo
  7. Chart the Weather - Demo
  8. Shopping Cart
  9. Typing Speed Game
  10. Gatsby Site

Getting Help

Need some help? Email me at [email protected] or DM me on Twitter: @chrisoncode.

Pull Requests

If you've found some problems with the files and apps we've built, I'm happy to look at pull requests. I try to keep these files as close to the videos as possible so I'm not looking for full rewrites.

Any big errors or clarifications that you see, pull requests are appreciated!

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