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An attempt at remaking the popular battle royale game, Fortnite, using Unreal Engine 4 and Amazon GameLift

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What is Flopnite License

Relatively new to game development, my friends and I wanted to challenge ourselves by recreating the popular Triple-A game Fortnite in a limited time frame while having fun doing so. This process was documented on our YouTube channel. We used Unreal Engine 4 and Amazon GameLift for this transformation. Unfortunately, due to high server costs, we have decided to shut down the Fortnite Clone/Flopnite project in order to spend more time on making tutorials related to game development and computer science.

The v1 branch is the version of the project used in the videos. The v1-plus branch built off the v1 branch but is not stable. The v2 and master branches are not related to the v1 or the v1-plus branch as we tried starting the project over from scratch but sadly did not get very far.

Who was involved in Flopnite

Also, a big thanks has to be given to all the people who watch us work on the game on YouTube and Twitch, all the people who answer questions in the Unreal Slackers Discord, all the people who answer questions on the Unreal Q&A forums, all the youtubers who post amazing Unreal tutorials, all the people who answer questions on the AWS Game Tech forums, and all the people in our Discord server who help test out the game.

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